Bad Move to a dead end job

I recently took a new PT position as a peer support and it may have been a very bad decision since it is a dead end job that goes nowhere. All peer supports jobs go no where unless -unless you plan on getting a masters degree in sociology, psychology or social work.

I’m not planning on going to any school to get any kind of Masters in  Psychology or Masters in Social Work since I already have an MBA. Who would get a masters in social work after getting an MBA?  Plus, I have noticed the immaturity of those around me and witnessed how people can be late by half an hour and nothing is done. Managment doesn’t do a thing.  People can be gone for months at a time and nothing is done and when I say “People” I mean employees and management both.  I’ve never worked at a place where your place is still there if you don’t show up and do a no call no show for longer than three days. I just don’t get it. I don’t care if you do have some kind of mental illness. If you are that bad to where you can’t show up to work for three days and you don’t call or pull a no show for three days  or more, you need to be fired and if it is that bad, get on SSI.

Don’t you think if you didn’t call anyone and just feel off the face of the Earth, that your boss would at least call you to find out where you are at?

If you signed up to work for comapny Z and if I was your boss, first I’d wonder why you didn’t come in and I’d call you to find out if you are coming in.  If I was not in the office, and if I had other employees, then I’d expect them to call me to inform me that they are not in. But the first person I’d expect to make that phone call is the one that is not coming in.

I’d expect some kind of contact from my employees, some type of email, phone call and a doctor’s note that says that employment must be discontinued for X amount of time for me to allow my employee to “keep” their position.

If I was a supervisor, I’d make it my business to find out what is going on, since you  were hired to work for the company.   Perhaps it is a death in the family. May be a car accident. If I find out that you were in a car accident or have a death in the family, I’d ceritanly be understanding of that. However, I’d still expect a phone call from SOMEONE within three days informing me that you can’t make it. I’d more than likely save the position for you if the doctor gave you permission to return to work and I’d have to find a temporary person to fill your spot while you are out. But if I don’t get a hold of you or another family member that is on your ICE contact list on the application, then what am I left to do as a supervisor? Keep your position indefinitely? I never heard of any professional doing that.

Mental illness or not. You are an adult and it it time to act like one. Adults work and as adults the need to be responsible and if it is a mental illness some kind of note must be shown from a doctor saying that the employee can’t work and I’d expect my employee to show such a note.  If you can’t work and show up on time, leave in a reasonable amount of time to get to work, and do what I asked you to do and to clock in, then I’d consider that person not responsible.

Businesses hire people to be problem solvers and to fix issues and to bring customers in – and to keep customers coming back.  But If I don’t know where you are, why should I continue to allow my employee to stay on payroll?  I understand that is it up to payroll and up to the company policy ultimately.  I’d have to report that to my boss and then someone would have to report that to HR if the employee didn’t show up.  What do you think HR would do if an employee didn’t call their boss within 5 days?

I’m on my way to a new career that far away from Peer Support, far away from mental health. I’ve worked in mental health since 2004 and it is just not a calling for me. I need a position that is dynamic in nature, where I talk to many people, meet with many departments and work with different departments and different vendors and customers.  I need a place where a direct line to management is not only attainable and achievable, but I need to work for a company that desires their employees to grow into managment with the company.   I do not need to go into social work and listen to people’s emotional problems.

I’m currently seeking a career in media, social media, and advertising since that seems like a dynamic career in a fast paced world. I’ve been writing since age 13 so I’d even consider a position in editorial or writing. I literally believe there is nothing that is stopping me from the career that I seek, along with the income and level of responsibility that I seek.