Why I will not do work potlucks any more

I used to feel so very – well – forced to sign up for a potluck each time I found a new job. And it always seemed that my job had a potluck about 1 week after I was hired – BEFORE my 1st paycheck.

  1. You may say “Oh, so just go and get some money from your bank account, no big deal”.   Well, it’s not like I have extra money laying around to feed others.   I only have enough for feed MYSELF!  Why?
  2. I have been on foodstamps since 2011 or so.   I don’t use MONEY to pay for my food.  I use EBT.  Plus, you can get EBT (Cal Fresh) when you are working as long as you make less than $1,276 per month.   That’s ONLY if you are single, no dependents.  If you are married or have dependents, that threshold goes up.  How much? I don’t know.    . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . How I cam to this conclusion:   When you make only $1K a month or may be even less than that, you are going to go out of your way to make and BUY some food that someone else is going to eat? You got bills just like the rest of them!!   Why should you making $1 or $2 over min wage have to pay for THEIR food?  It’s not right to ask someone to contribute to a potluck.  Specifically, if they haven’t even gotten their first check yet.  (If you are low income, you may not be able to afford it after you get paid since your bills may require you to BUDGET STRICTLY and if you are on EBT, you may not have any extra money to buy food for a potluck).  What if you are asked to buy cups? You can’t get them with your EBT.  Plus, are you going to buy food for the potluck using YOUR EBT BENEFITS?   Uh, some may “Sure, I’ve done it”  . . . But you are told THOSE ARE YOUR EBT FOODSTAMPS.   That EBT is not for others to eat YOUR food. So I’d advise you to NOT use your own EBT for your company’s potluck.  I personally think that co-workers should never feel bad for no contribution and a manager should always say  “If you don’t have the money to contribute, don’t feel bad” . 
  3. I am going GLUTEN FREE.  I’m doing an “elimination diet: for 3 weeks. This means I’m cutting out gluten for three full weeks starting today.  I don’t feel tired after eating a salad UNLESS it has 1.5 cups or 2 cups of Kale in it.  As long as I”m easy on the Kale, I don’t get tired. Kales does reduce your thyroid function.  So I need to be careful with how much Kale I eat. Do you realize that GLUTEN is in pasta, pizza, wheat, cereals and everything “bread” on the market? Bagels? I’m sure their is gluten in it.  Why should I have to bring something for you to eat (such as chips), If I know MOST Of what will be there – I CAN”T ENJOY?  I’m TIRED of BEING TIRED and having BRAIN FOG.   Each time I eat something with gluten in it (such as wheat bread) I’m TIRED and feel like I have brain fog.   Why should I be around people that are enjoying their food and saying to me “Dig in, have more”  when I don’t want to even eat that food.   Do you know how many people bring in chips and things that are not healthy?  Why should I have to change my diet and eat what someone else brings in?    I know what I enjoy eating and you know what?
  4. I LOVE my diet.  I love eating large salads. I love eating my grass feed beef. It is high in omega 3’s that why I eat it. I love salmon.  I love my rice cereal such as Rice Crispys and peanut butter in it.  I know, but that’s me.  The only part of my diet I don’t like is feeling tired after I eat wheat bread or eating mac and cheese that has gluten or wheat in it. (I do buy Amy’s Mac and Cheese and that is gluten free, but I don’t always have enough EBT to purchase that all the time. I usually purchase only 5 “Tv dinners” a month, they are expensive.  Therefore
  5. I always always always BROWN BAG my lunch.  I see others going to some lunch truck when I had factory jobs in my 20s. It would cost about $5 per day to do that – and that’s JUST for lunch.  I know. I paid $5 once since I forgot my lunch. The last time I went out to buy a lunch was about  3 years ago.  It’s a waste of good hard working money that can go toward gas in the car.  And my car only gets 25 mpg.    Making your own lunch is much much cheaper and why anyone would pay $5 a day or $25 a week when you can make a sandwich, some veggies and maybe a fruit would do.  That’s like a woman that goes to Starbucks to pay for a freaking $4 latee DAILY since she is too good to make a cup of coffee at home.   Miss “I got money to burn in my pants”.   Shoot.   Oh, my rant is done now.   . . . . . .Plus, you eat less when you get a 30 minute break. I know. Most of the jobs have been 30 minutes. It’s only been in the last 3 years that I’ve had jobs where I get an hour for lunch. It’s nice, but I’m very used to a 30 minute lunch break. It’s just enough to eat and run.  I don’t need an hour lunch. Too much time for work gossip if you ask me.
  6. I can’t eat MSG. It makes me so very tired to the point that I need a freaking nap and I never ever ever – take a nap. I wake up at 4:35am on days I work and 4:50am on days I’m off. I stay up all day long until 9:30pm.   I don’t take silly kid naps. The only time I need a damn nap is when I eat MSG and that happened on SuperBowl Sunday when I had some chili with MSG in it. Luckily I had it at 11am and I had to lay down at 1pm for one hour.   I hate MSG. I hate the way it makes me feel. So I’m not eating it!  If I don’t know if what you brought to the potluck has MSG In it,  why should I “TRY IT” to see if it makes me sleepy? Are you going to get sleepy if I eat something with MSG in it? NO. I’m the one that will get sleepy, not you. 
  7.  So If my job says “We are having a pot luck” I’m going to say “NO THANK YOU, I’m on a special GF diet.”   I bring in my own lunch daily so no harm for me to miss the potluck. You don’t have anything I’ll miss.





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  1. Great post. It is good to hear from someone who is conscientious about having a budget. I dislike waste and I absolutely don’t like to put people out budget wise. Saying no is your right and it is good that you have found a way to assert that. Best wishes.

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