Do not call me!

I’ve had it with people calling me pretending to be nice to me. I’ve had it with companies calling me and when I ask them “Where did you see my resume” and I get some kind of crappy answer of “I don’t know where I saw it” Or ‘I didn’t see your name, my assistant did”.  Bull Shit.

I’ve heard it from World Finanical Group. American Income Life. NAA Leads.  Even Health Markets. It’s all the same crap. And it stinks like shit.

You know where you saw my name. You KNOW where you got my phone number. You just don’t want to tell me since you know if you tell me then I will REMOVE my name and phone number from that website.  It’s okay. You like to LIE to people. You like to hide the truth. Well, you will not lie to me anymore. I’m so done with insurance.  I’ll never go back to that again.  Working for free for 5 months? Are you kidding me?

The next time I get a phone call from anyone saying that they “saw my resume online” I’m going to ask a direct question of “What website”.  If that person can’t answer with a straight forward answer, I will hang up on you. Why? Professional people know where they look for resumes. I don’t care if it is CareerBuilder or Monster are Indeed.  It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that sales people tell me the truth  —  and they don’t. I’ve been on enough interviews with life insurance that I know what I’m going to get. I ask direct questions and too many times I am meet with DODGING THE QUESTION.  Don’t do this with me.  I will hang up on you. You will not get me to work under you in life insurance. I can’t stop you from calling others. Call them. I can’t make you stop building your business. But you are not going to get ME to work with you in insurance. So stop calling me!

I ask “How do you get your leads?”and that question is never answered.  I want to know “Will I be a telemarketer?”  If you don’t know what a telemarketer is, then you need to read my post titled “Do not call List” and that will tell you what a telemarketer is.  A telemarketer will call about 400 poeple in 3 hours.

Even if I dial numbers all day long 7 hours a day, I’m still a telemarketer and that’s what I Do NOT want to do in life insurance.  I also don’t want to go to my friend to sell life insurance.  Why?  Because I view WHOLE life insurance as a bad investment since you are putting about $1,200 a year into ONE Company and BANKING on that ONE comapny and HOPING they will do good.  I would tell my friends to get TERM life insurance.

If that comapny tanks, what happened to your $1,200 a year that you paid for the last 10 years? Opps.  Gone.  If that company tanks you think you will get that 100,000 death benefit when you die? Nope. You can SAVE $1,200 a year into a saving account and you can take that money out at anytime to fix your car or whatever.  Life Insurance?  Sure you can get a LOAN out of your life insurance, but you got to pay that loan back from your WHOLE Life Insurance  AND if you don’t pay it back – then your death benefit will go down and down and down and down since your loan will grow INTEREST!!   Took out a $50K loan on your $200,000 policy?  Ouch.   You better find a way to pay back that loan or you will be sorry if you don’t. There are also surrender fees too.

You know what the first thing that is talked about when I go on job interviews for life insurance? It’s always the same thing! Commissions. I don’t care about that. Why? Because you are only going to talk about the TOP producer. I don’t care about that. Tell me about your bottom feeder! Tell me about your average Joe and what it is like in your first 3 months of working in life insurance.  You see, I need a pay check each and every single week that I work.  For the first three months I can’t afford to work for free. I get it. You got to build a relationship with people and people will NEVER to business with you if they don’t trust you! 

I have bills those first 3 months just as I will have bill on year 2 and year 3.  So it doesn’t really matter that I can make $100,000  a year in my 2nd year. It doesn’t matter that I can make $20K a month by month 6.  It doesn’t matter if I can make $10K by month 4.  I need money by week 3. I need $2K a month every single month.  

You know what I was told by two different people in insurance sales? I was told that some people are “Salary slackers” and another person said “A pay check grabber”  Oh, so that’s what I am? A pay check grabber??   A salary slacker?  I didn’t know that someone make makes $3K a month and working 80 hours a week is a SLACKER!  So now you know about me. Don’t call me!  Since according to all sales poeple, making $3K a month is “nothing”. Well, to me, $3K a month is great money. If you ever had a life like mine where you make just $40 a month, you’d be thankful for $3K a month and you’d think the world of it and you will NOT call your position a “salary slacker”.

I can’t afford to work “FOR FREE” for a month or two months or 5 months.  I can’t do it. Why? I’M SINGLE.  I don’t have a spouse around making $4K a month while I work on some relationships and hoping I can build trust with people for 8 months. I need money each week and that’s why MOST people do not work in life insurance and this is why most people work for $10 an hour since they know they will get a pay check – NO MATTER WHAT.  They don’t have to sell anything, they only need to do the job they were hired to do!

So if you are married and you have a spouse at home making $4K a month on a SALARY  – go ahead and do life insurance.  For me? I’ll never do any interview with life insurance or financial jobs such as working in securities.  Never ever again.   If you call me you will be wasting your time!   

If you did a google search on Sandra, don’t call me. I will not listen to your spiel. I’ve heard it all before. “We don’t sell anything. All we do is INFORM and EDUCATE people”.  Great.  Educate people. Stop calling me.  I’m going to go into a total different direction since you have to be DISHONEST to sell life insurance. You are not up front with people and no one has ever been up front with me when I ask questions on a job interview in life insurance.

Oh, you also have to buy leads OR you are given a OLD book of business from someone else and you will be expected to ups sell the people that already have life insurance with that company AND you may be asked to go to your “Warm market’. That’s nice if you know  people take make $50 a year. I don’t know people like that.   So don’t call me and don’t tell me “We go through your warm market”. Yeah.  And I called 100 people that I didn’t really know since I only know 6 people and those people (the 6) don’t make any more than $1K a month.  Leave me alone.

I’m done.  Don’t call me.