Do not call list

The audience to this is the person GETTING the telemarketing calls. If you had a telemarketing job before, you will probably be shaking you head “Yes” as you read this.

I had a job in telemarketing last summer. It was solar. I used to do telemarketing in 1997 for an insurance company, but I was not an agent.  It’s still telemarketing.

There are some major differences between the current telemarketing job I have now – and the one I had in those days.  The main point of this is to teach you to how stop getting phone calls from unwanted telemarketing phone calls. Believe me, I don’t like telemarketing calls either.

I’m not going to go into how I got the other telemarketing job in 1997. That is another story.

I started this telemarketing job on Sep 29th 1997.  It was my 1st telemarketing job ever and I was 22 years old.  I had to wait a full month before I could start working at this telemarketing company. I do need to inform you that this company had a contract with Hyles Anderson College at the time and I found out in 1997 that if I wanted to continue to attend this college, I had to work at this Americall telemarketing place. There was no other place I could work at due to the belief of the college that the women must be “protected from the world” while working. Either  that or work at TrueGreen doing that telemarketing job.

This college kept all women out of the world to “protect them” from “the world”.  And I believe it was  a cult.

I worked at Americall for 4 years – minus one summer. The summer of 1999 I was in Milwaukee working at K-Mart.  Summer 1998 I was at the college the entire summer except two weeks when I came home to California. Summer 2000 I worked both the telemarketing job during the entire summer  AND I was a security guard from 12am to 4am for the college. I slept from 4:30am to 9am.

This job in the summer of 2015 allowed me choice!  I do have a choice of where I work. Choice is one part of LIFE. And without choice, that is no life.   If you don’t have a choice, you have no say in your life.  You can’t direct your life with no choice.  Telemarketing is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. People don’t understand that real human beings with children, with parents, with blood are on the other end of  the phone!

So let’s go into what was different about the two.

At Americall, I had to say at the end of each call “Thank you for your time, if you have any questions please call 1800 —- ” If someone hung up on me, I still had to say that stupid phone number. Each and every call I had to end the call like that. What kind of weird rule is that?

I also had to give three rebuttals. One time the conversation went like this (after my three rebuttals).

Me: “Okay, ma’ma. You said you are not interested three times. If you have any questions please call –

Other person “No, I have no questions”

Me: “Okay ma’am if you have any questions please call 1800 345-

“No. Stop.. I do not have any questions, why don’t you hand up?”.

Me: “Lady, I’m not allowed to hang up on you. Now if you just freaking shut up and listen to me say this number. I must end each phone call with with number. And you keep on interrupting me each and every time I try to say the entire number. Now will you let me give you this number and if you want you can hang up on me.

“Oh, okay”.

“if you have any questions Call 1800-345 – 2344. Okay?


Me thinking : Thank god she shut up.  I got in big trouble with that lady. She wouldn’t keep freaking mouth shut and she didn’t get it. All I was doing was doing MY JOB. It was my job to say those words. It’s not like a telemarketer WANTS to call you. We are MADE to call you if we want to keep our sucky job. I mean, I’m sure there are people that do quit, but I quit only after I found another job!

It’s not like we want to keep calling the same people over and over again. Blame that on the stupid computer system that the boss has.  He is the one that needs to buy new leads every 3 weeks. Telemarketers have no control over who they call. Why? Because it is an automatic dialer and it is a COMPUTER.   Telemarketers don’t push any buttons. There is no phone.

If you know what a computer monitor looks like and a computer mouse – then you know what a telemarketer is looking at all day long.  I never saw any list of 10,000 name or numbers on it. With this lady, she didn’t know it was MY JOB to say that number to everyone. She just wanted me to hang up and if I hung up on her, I could have been fired.  If I didn’t give her the number I would have been written up.

Mind you, if the person was irate, we also could NOT hang up on them at Americall. I just took the head set off of my head and let them cuss out the head set.  I didn’t hear them. They thought I did.  Once a person hung up, sometimes we had to wait 2 minutes before another call came in. Talk about a waste of time.

People on the other end of the phone do not understand it is OUR JOB to REBUTTAL (or called another offer) and do it again and again and again. When you are a telemarketer, your employer is not  paying you to say “Okay, you are not interested, that’s fine, bye”.   No. No No.  When you are a telemarketer, they are paying you to say something else in response to YOUR OBJECTION. 

When I got the telemarketing job in the summer of 2015:

  1. Didn’t have to say “Thank you for your time if you have have bla bla bla”

2.  I could hang up on people.  Irate?  Yelling at me? I can hang up. Cussing? I can hang up! If they speak Korean? I can say “we will have someone else cal you back” and hang up. If they ask me what color panties I’m wearing, I can hang up.

3  Rebuttals. I had to give an infinite amount of rebuttals to each caller.  This solar company was CRAZY what was asked of the telemarketer. I mean come on. Really? 10 rebuttals after the same person says “I’m not interested”   I know that people are not going to say “We can afford it”  since it is NONE Of the telemarketers business if the person can afford it or not.  I know that people are not going to say something like “We looked into solar and we decided we don’t want to wait 15 years to get our money back from the investment”. What are you going to say?  Number one thing that people say is “I”m not interested”.

And you know what that means to telemarketers?

Forget telemarketers!  I’m talking about the telemarketers BOSS.  It’s them you have to pray for, if you pray.  THEY ARE the ones that say “keep going, keep asking them, keep on them, don’t give in, don’t give up, keep going, keep reading . . .” bla bla bla.  To the telemarketers BOSS,  When you say “I”m not interested” it ONLY means, ” can you call me back later, I’m busy now, but I’ll give you time later”.

No you don’t want a call later. You probably don’t want a call ever again from any solar company, insurance company or Kirby vacuum cleaner person.

Saying “I’m not interested” doesn’t matter since ALL telemarketers have a rebuttal list to say in case of someone says   “I”m not interested”  If you have cancer and/or are dying, it may be best to say something like this  “Can I please speak with your sales manager?”  You should be able to get one since all telemarketing departments have SOMEONE on the floor that is some type of manager.  A supervisor or someone in some type of authority.  Then you say “I don’t appreciate these phone calls all the time. I’m dying and I ask that you put me on your internal DO NOT CALL LIST.  I’m not going to buy whatever it is that you offer. I don’t care how good it is or how much it will save me”.   The only way to make them stop is to inform them you want your number on their internal do not call list.  It doesn’t matter if you are on the National Do Not Call list. Why?

Telemarketing jobs are a dime a dozen.  People come and go with the wind and I’d say most last an average of 12 weeks.  And the boss knows this – and the boss person pays for your information online.  How much? The boss can get a list of leads (say 600,000 numbers for $60K).   And a call center may have 60 people in it working two shifts  – one from 8am to 2pm and another from 2pm to 9pm.  How long do you think it will take for all 60 people to call all 600,000 numbers? Not long if one person (one computer) can dial out 400 numbers in just 3 hours!  If one worked 9 hour shifts, that’s 1,200 numbers per day and multiply that by 60. That’s 72,000 calls made in one 9 hour day by 60 people.  Wow.   9 HOURS FOLKS. That’s not from 8am to 9pm. You got to understand the business. Your lead cost the boss all of 4 to 10 cents to get your name, number and may be even your address. It’s cheap and they know it and they don’t care if you own your home or not. They don’t know if you are in the market to pay for $120 a month for some universal life insurance. They will call you anyway to try to make a sale off of you. Don’t believe that they are “pre-qualifed leads” if you are TOLD THIS from your boss. Hog wash.  They are not leads. They are only PHONE NUMBERS.

You also got to understand that when you are on the phone saying “hello, is anyone there? Hello? Hello . .”  that the telemarketer can’t hear you! That’s right. They can’t hear you at all.  Not until the telemarketer hears a little “blip” and I’m sure YOU  – the one reading this thinking “When will these telemarketing phone calls end?”   You hear that blip too. How do I know you hear it? Because I hear it when I get telemarketing calls as well!  I heart that blip all the time, each phone call the dialer made for me!   It got so very irritating to hear that all the time. But that sound is telling the telemarketer “Okay now talk, go”.

The “lag” in the system is with ALL automatic dailers.  All of them. The lag could be 5 seconds, or 10 seconds.   And many times – MANY times, if YOU hang up before the telemarketer can HEAR YOU – then that just makes the telemarketer put the call under “Hung up”. You don’t want to be listed under “Hung up”.  Why?  What does that do for you ?   You get the LUCKY prize.   The computer puts you back into the phone list to be called in about 7 hours. Sometimes if you are really lucky, someone will call you back in 24 hours.  The exact same thing happens if you don’t answer your phone. The person will just put you down and “no answer” and the computer will just re-fill your number into the system.  Like a water fountain.  Not new water. It is the same exact water from yesterday in that water fountain. Same “leads”.  Why? YOU never answer your freaking phone and you keep on seeing that same stupid number every single day.  I wonder why.  You MUST answer your phone when you see a number you don’t know to STOP the telemarketing phone calls.

Do you really think anyone wants to be calling  you at 8am?  People work nights. I get it.  I loved it when people ask me “do you know what time it is?” Well of course I know, do you think I’m a freaking idiot?  I have to clock in at 7:30am and I have to get on the stupid computer and put this ugly head set on my head at 8am. SO YES, I know what time it is. Every single telemarketer that calls you, they know what time it is in YOUR time zone. I promise you. Telemarketers are not stupid.  Desperate for some kind of income, but not stupid. They may be older around 55 years old, but not stupid.  And it’s NOT illegal for anyone to call be at 8am or at 8:59pm.  They can’t call you BEFORE 8am and they can’t call you AFTER 8:59pm.

If you want the phone calls to start at 10am and end no later than 6pm, then I suggest you write your congressman and may be he or she will come up with a bill for that to happen!  Wouldn’t that be great? Only get phone calls from 10am to 6pm that way you can ENJOY you evening ? But that aint gonna happen if someone calls you about life insurance.  Most people are HOME at 6pm. and I don’t think any other industry (solar is very hot right now) will go for that either.  MOST people are home and awake at 6pm. So I’d say write your congressman so the phone calls can start at 12:30pm and stop at 8:30pm.  That’s only 8 hours of phone calls you can get per day.  And most people are not home during the day so it’s not going to hurt the telemarketing company.

Do you know how many answering machines and voice mails I got while working at Americall for 4 years? Most of the people I talked to was from 5pm-9pm.

Did you know that telemarketers have a quota to make as well? They do. And if not meet, they may be written up.  If they are, they will be MORE pushy with you on the phone! Do you think they want to lose their job? Not unless they have something else lined up already and can afford to quit or just not make any appointments that week.  Not all telemarketing jobs are like this with a quota.

Now that you know a little more about telemarketing jobs and about the people behind the jobs, just ask the manager to put you on their internal do not call list. It’s the only way to get that company to stop calling you.  Just know, that there are probably 100 other companies that will call you in 3 days.