Limiting Carbs/Low carb diet

I found an article through an email I get from Prevention. I thought it was encouraging people to drop and stop a high carbohydrate diet. I was wrong. The article was more of a warning to not go the other route and drastically LIMIT your carbohydrate intake.

I’ve heard from others that the Adkins Diet is very limiting on carbs and limits one to only (about) 57 carbs per day.  I don’t think I’ve ever consumed only 57 carbs per day.  I don’t normally count carbs per day. I’m a calorie counter.  However, I decided to count carbs a few days out of the week. It seems I constantly consume around 150 carbs per day.  If I eat more, I may intake 160 carbs.  I don’t eat much pasts. For me, I know I gain weight when I eat pasta, so I just stay away from it.  If I’m going to eat noddles, they are going to be whole grain. However, I just don’t have a taste for them anymore.

If you have been reading most of my recent posts, you’d see my breakdown of my cars (all carbs, including vegetables, whole grains, everything). You’d also know that two health coaches misunderstood me when I told them I eat about 150 grams of carbs per day. They misunderstood me and what they heard was “I eat about 150 grams of SUGAR per day”. Again, I don’t count sugar grams either. I count calories.  Those few days I was counting carbs, I also counted protein and sugar. I eat about 30 grams of sugar per day. I was told that people only should have about 20 grams of sugar per day.  I don’t use Equal, I don’t put sugar in my tea. I use honey instead since it is a lower glycemic index. Agave nectar has 16 grams of sugar in one serving. Honey has the same amount of grams (sugar) in one serving. 16 grams. Wow.

Yesterday morning I had about  24 grams of fiber by 12pm.  I’ll write down what I ate yesterday so you know what 1,550 calories looks like. Mind you, I did not count my carbs this day, nor did I count my total fat content or my total added sugar yesterday.  This day I don’t think I had any of my favorite vegetables (kale, broccoli and spinach).

5:12am  16 oz water

7am 1 serving high Fiber oat bran   (hot cereal)    150 calories  (7 grams of fiber)

coconut oil 1 teaspoon in oat bran             40 calories

1 serving agave                                             60 calories  (and 16 grams of sugar)

Psyllium Whole Husks           7 calories  (1/2 of serving)  Spelling is wrong and I’m too lazy to look up how to spell it Psyllium correctly.   This amount has 2 grams of fiber

Rice cake (1)                            45 calories

1/2 serving of peanut butter   100 calories

That was breakfast

Snack:  10:30am

28 Almonds (1 Serving)       170 calories  3 grams of fiber

11am/12pm Lunch:

Cottage cheese  1 serving (1/2 cup)  110 calories

pears (1 serving)                                 60 calories 2 grams of fiber    (14 grams of fiber so far)

2 slices of Ora-wheat Double Fiber bread  160 calories and 10 grams of fiber

Lunch meat Turkey 4 slices (one serving)  60 calories

1 serving of mozzarella                         80 calories

Mayonnaise Best foods 1 serving         90 calories  (not low fat, I don’t eat low fat)

I may have put spinach on my sandwich and just forgot to write it down. I don’t eat an entire serving of spinach on my sandwich.

That was lunch

2:30pm Snack

1 Popsicle  60 calories  (not light, not sugar free)

5pm Dinner

Chicken breast   skinless  200 calories

1 serving of soup added to chicken breast in oven   100 calories

1 serving green beans in with it  100 calories  (2 grams of fiber)

Later 7pm ish

Green tea  0 calories

2 tea spoons of honey  in the tea  40 calories

1 rice cake      45 calories

That is 1,550 calories for the day and I splurged due to the ice pop I had. My total fiber intake this day was 24- 26 grams of fiber. Based on  1,500 calorie diet, one should get about 21 grams of fiber in. If I ate a 2,000 calorie diet I’d need 25 grams of fiber.   I never eat 2,00o calories. If I did, I’d gain weight and my body does not need any more pounds. .

I write down what I eat each day and count calories each day. I admit it is  very time consuming. It’s not hard, it just takes time to measure every single thing out in measuring cups, and measuring spoons. If I had a electric scale, I’d also measure ounces for my lunch meat.  (4oz is one serving).  The cool thing about measuring things out is – if you enjoy something and have it regularly, you get to know what 1/2 cup of cottage cheese looks like.

Counting calories works. If you want to lose weight, counting these numbers up – works. How does one know how much s/he ate without writing every single thing they had?  It is very easy for me to get over 1,600 calories.  If I just have 6 meals a day –

breakfast at 5am, (200-300 cal)

snack 7am, (100 cal)

snack 11am (100 cal)

Lunch 1pm  (300 cal)

Dinner 5pm (300 cal)

Snack 7pm  (200 cal)  that is 1300 calories.

I have actually found out that I lose weight if I eat much smaller portions more often. When I take a long break from eating (5 hours plus) I find I gain weight.  An example would be if I get to work at 8am, I leave home around 6:50am to fight the traffic, I have breakfast at 5:30am within 1 hour of waking up.  Yet, I can’t eat until 12 noon since I didn’t pack some kind of 200 calorie granola bar to eat before 12noon.  Well . . .that’s too long of a span and I could overeat at lunch and then gain weight. I don’t ever need to eat a meal that is 600 calories – unless I only eat 2 meals a day and a small snack.

Calorie counting is not for the faint of heart. So far as of this writing, 9 pounds and one inch from my mid section. And I’m not planning on counting carbs.

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