We recently had a hurricane not far from us. It’s name was Dolores and it was downgraded to a tropical storm around Friday July 17th. With that it brought us about an inch and a half of rain to the Riverside area (or Riverside County) in about a day.  It rained both days that weekend July 18th and 19th.  Sunday’s rain was much worse.

I looked on our humidity gauge and it said 55%.  It is normally about 35% –  40% .  I think I heard on the Today Show or perhaps it was Today in LA, that humidity would be rising this week to 75%  – 85% in this area.

I’m not sure what the humidity was when I lived in Crown Point Indiana for 4 years. I do remember how my skin felt so very sticky and I didn’t want anyone to touch me. I also didn’t want to touch anyone else. I remember that I continually want to have a wet towel with me and wipe my neck area. I was sweating every day in the spring/summer. It felt like I had to constantly peel my skin off of a hot plastic if my body was touching anything (such as a desk or if I was in a car and my arm was touching a door). It was horrid.

I’m not sure what the humidity was when I stayed in Milwaukee for 10- 12 weeks in the summer of 1999. I do remember laying in bed during the night while in Milwaukee and waking up several times each night and I’d be drenched in my own sweat. Yuck.  I wasn’t used to that at all. It was very hard for me to sleep when I stay in Milwaukee that summer. I’d often wake up at 5am and unable to get back to sleep I was so wet. I literally felt like I was an egg in a frying pan.

The “hot” that people describe in Southern California is not the “hot” that I described above. It has nothing to do with feeling wet, sticky, or being drenched in your own sweat.  The hot we describe is more of a dry heat, yet less intense than Las Vegas dry heat. It is where the temperature rises to above 90 degrees,  the sun beats down on your skin and it burns.  Or if you go outside barefoot and you can’t walk on the grown since the ground is too hot to take 3 steps.  That’s the “hot” that I’m familiar with.

With this tropical storm that passed and with the humidity being so high, I’m instantly reminded of the dreaded mid-west region and when I was there in the late 1990s. Why would I want to be reminded of such a place, not only due to the weather, but because of the bible cave I choose to go to at that time. And since July 18th I haven’t been able to sleep an entire night through like normal. I was doing so well with going to bed at 10pm and waking up at 4:45am/5am daily without waking up during the night.

I was doing a liver detox and I recently found the Chinese Body Clock and found out that the liver does it’s work around 1am-3am according to this body clock.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine if you wake up between 1am – 3am it is your liver being overloaded and working too hard to detox your body.  Since I’m no scientist, I have no real evidence for that. However, I have noticed that in the last 4 days I’ve been waking up in the night. Some nights it is 1am, sometimes 3am.  2 nights ago I woke up at 11pm, just one hour after laying down.

I haven’t really seen any problems come up from this. I go right back to sleep unlike when I was in Milwaukee I wasn’t able to do that —- I’d just toss and turn in my own bath of sweat.

When I wake up I’m refreshed and feel ready for my day. I think it was July 19th I woke up at 4am and I just laid in bed until 4:30am and then got up. Since using my Bipap, I’m not tired in the morning like I used to be. I was able to start my walk that day at 5:15am since I now do hamstring, calf and hip stretches before each walk and my pre-walk routine takes me about 30-45 minutes each day.  The only issue I had was a slight tiredness around 11am 2 days ago and I suspect it is due to my period coming around. I know my body.

It seems there is something called Sleep maintenance insomnia and it is where you go to sleep fine and you wake up may be 3 or 4 hours later- and you can’t fall back to sleep. I don’t have that. I fall back to sleep just fine. I was concerned as to why I was waking up so early at 4:30am since I think that is just way too early for me and I think getting up at 4:50am is more appropriate. Leaving for my walk at 5:30am is just fine and since I now walk for 40 minutes instead of one hour to prevent overuse injury – I’m back long before my 7am breakfast. So it has to be the humidity. When it is 40% I sleep like a baby and never wake up until 5am.   Oh, I forgot. We also changed the thermostat up from 79 degrees at night to 80 degrees on two nights – July 19th and 20th, just to save energy on our eclectic bill. I think  those nights were the hardest on me. I turned it back down to 79 last night.

It can’t be anything I’m eating since I haven’t changed my diet and I’m not taking anything to keep me up at night and I don’t drink coffee. Perhaps my body is adjusting to me losing some weight? I’ve lost about 9 pounds since the end of May. I was 196 around July 8th and the same on July  15th and now I’m 193 on July 21st. Perhaps my body is screaming for more of this great food I’m feeding it since I can tell a difference from 202 to 193. I can’t wait to see what it will be like when I reach 183. That may be another 8 weeks from now. I might have to start taking some pictures of myself of my fat loss. But that is another story.