Google Chrome using Windows 8 Mode

I did this by accident. I had no clue what would happen. I was filling out a job application online for a new Wal-Mart in town. It was around 7pm   While in the middle of filling it out, my computer (or the company server) stalled and I was logged out. That was around 7:20pm.    I had to log back in and I found out half of what I already entered in was saved.  I was actually done with the application before 8pm.  It’s what happened afterward that took me about 45 minutes to undo. Now while I did apply for two other jobs during that 45 minute period. I was trying to find way to solve this problem.  It seems that is all I do is solve problems. Now it is 9:05pm.

After I was done with the application (I had to use Internet Explorer to complete the job application for Wal-Mart), using Google – Walmart servers do not work with Google Chrome. If you want to apply to Wal-Mart, don’t use Google Chrome.

I thought it would be a good idea to see what would happen if I clicked on the three bars at the top of Google and go down to “Launch Chrome in Windows 8”. Bad idea.  While it may look neat or new or cool, it has issues.

First off, if you are are not used to Windows 8 or 8.1 (this new computer I had is using Windows 8.1 and I don’t like it. I liked Windows Vista and Windows 7 much better, more simple) then you will have to spend some time using Windows 8/8.1 just to get to know how to maneuver around the computer.  You will need to search for the search box which is hidden in the upper right hand corner. If you want to toggle back and forth between the “start screen” using Windows 8, good luck finding it.  I found it by mistake. By putting my mouse in the top left hand corner I found another hidden screen. Then I found the “This PC” little thing.  Now I know what that looks like. It is next to the Windows symbol.

The Windows symbol:

There is a little box at the bottom and it is the new trademark for Microsoft. If you have been watching any TV and commercials since 2013, then you’d know it is the thing that looks like four windows, two on top of two.  That is the thing you need to click to get to the “Start menu” and it doesn’t look like a regular start menu to me.  I suppose if one was using a tablet with finger pointing/touch screen abilities, this would be a great feature, but for a regular old fashioned – um – laptop – it is not fancy and is not fun to deal with.  Half of what is on the “Start screen” is not needed for me.  Again, if you have a smart phone, more power to you.  You can add things to the desktop if you’ like. I added Google Chrome to the desktop. Get used to this desktop in Windows 8/8.1.  It doesn’t look like the desktop form Windows XP, Vista, or 7.

I decide to try to apply to jobs on Craigslist, while still using Windows 8 mode for Google Chrome.  I found that the button for “Upload a file” (in Gmail) gave me something new.  A new window I never saw before. I thought my computer was on the fritz. It wasn’t. It was a grey screen and it said in big letters “ONE DRIVE” and said “What?”  I then found out there is a drop down box so I could find Documents and Desktop since that is where my stuff is saved on my computer.  Once I found this out it was a no brainier.  It is easy to learn, and for me I just need to do most things once to learn them.

I applied for two jobs in this silly looking Windows 8 Mode.  I had to search for a solution. The solution I found was not very detailed. I like a LOT of details and the person that wrote the solution left out things that I needed. They didn’t say where to find the “Start menu” and they also didn’t say WHAT start menu.  Which one? The one for Google Chrome? The one for Windows 8?  And then to type in “</> Code”  and where to put that?  I don’t know. It didn’t say.  Command Prompt? It didn’t say.  It said to enter in “Hkey_Current_User\Software\Google\Chrome\Metro and it would fix it if you enter in a number 1 in place of the 0.  I didn’t get to enter in that code anywhere due to the missing link of what start menu I needed.

I just tried to use those three little bars at the top of Chrome and it said “Restore (or revert) to Chrome Desktop” and I tried it once. It didn’t work.  Perhaps my computer was working very slow and that is why?  When my computer was in Windows 8 Mode everything was slow. I had circles that were continually buffering. Nothing was doing anything. That never happens in desktop mode. I had two videos (same video) on YouTube on Quickbooks  going at the the same time. I pushed pause and the video kept going.  I could hear it, but not see it.  I mean, my computer was working s- l – o – o -o -o -o -o  – w.  I just finally walked away from it for a good three minutes for it to do whatever it wanted to do so I could get this stuff in Desktop Mode.

Once I came back I looked up another solution since I tried the bars at the top twice. Twice the revert to Desktop mode didn’t work.  I guess my computer was still slow in Windows 8 Mode.

I read that another person fixed it using the three bars and going down to the “Revert to Desktop”. I decided to give it a third try and something amazing happened.   My computer got the clue that I really really really didn’t want to use Windows 8 Mode any longer.

Now I don’t have to toggle back and forth between desktop (to find my resumes or whatever else) and Windows 8 mode window.   If you find yourself using Windows 8 Mode for Google Chrome, you WILL need to toggle back and forth between your REAL desktop screen and the Windows 8  new fancy smancy interface . . .you will need to put your mouse up to the top left corner and find what you need from the desktop and go back and forth, back and forth. . . . working from one window to the next.  It is NOT very efficient. I wouldn’t use Windows 8 Mode for Google Chrome for any employer. It doesn’t save time.