Estrogen and Candida

Some may not know what Candida is. It is a big fancy word for YEAST. And I just found out that a candida overgrowth in the body is supported by an excesses of estrogen. I’m currently researching how I know – personally if I have a candida overgrowth or if I have estrogen dominance or both.

I know I need to make a doctors appointment. The last time I was tested for hypothyroidism was (I think) around Jan or Feb 2015. I could be wrong. Perhaps it was last fall in October 2014. And each time one of the numbers is in the “normal/low” range. Not too low to be considered hypothyroid” and  it’s never on the high side. However I just did a simple test. I wanted to see if eating kale after having some kelp – had the same effect on me. Sleepiness. It was June 26th and I had that wonderful salad with corn, spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, tuna, and lima beans. I didn’t have any kelp that day. In fast I haven’t had any kelp this entire year. I kinda forgot why I had purchased it in the first place.  I started taking it June 27th/28th.  June 30th and July 1st I had kale. I had one tiny little leaf June 30th. Not sleepy. I had about 7 leaves July 1st in a salad. Not sleepy. Now I’m wondering if I do have a thyroid issue that if that is what is making it hard for me to lose weight.

Of course it could be that I’m just not active ENOUGH for my body. Perhaps I need to burn near 600 calories a day for the amount of food I’m eating. (I burn about 250 calories on my 2.8 mile walk each day). Strength training is something that I MUST incorporate into my daily workout. It will burn more calories. I’m still looking for a large 250 pound tire. I have had no bites yet through Freecycle.

I did notice something in the mirror this morning. Curves. I mean I saw a dent on both sides of my stomach. What is this?  It was amazing since I’ve been walking continually now for about 5-6 months. I’ve just really got into the jog/walk routine in May. Two months in and am I starting to see the results of my jog/walk pay off now?

This blog post is going to take some time since I don’t have any doctors appointment yet and I need to wait at least a week (more like 2) just to SEE any doctor at my clinic. Then I’ll need to schedule a blood test to see if I had hypothyroidism.

But it’s a damn good thing to know that excess estrogen causes candida overgrowth.  I’m sure if one would cut out all sugar from their diet for 3 weeks (that candida diet is about 5-6 weeks long! eeek) the person may see weight loss JUST from cutting out all sugar.  I mean even freaking Nurtri-System had that lose 5 pounds in one week “promise” and they do it by telling people “Don’t eat ANY fruit in the 1 week and only eat meat, veggies and limit carbs”.  Or do they say no fruit for 2 weeks?  Why do they do that? Fruit has natural sugar and sugar makes people gain weight. I’ve read tons of articles where people would rather eat a meal high in fat – than high in sugar. And one CAN have a diet high in “good fats”.  But a diet high in “good sugars?”  I never heard of that.  (Expect for low glycemic index sweeteners such as honey). However, if you want to go on the candida diet, you got to stay away from honey for 3 weeks  – may be longer.   I’ve cut out honey from my tea – I started that yesterday. And I’m cutting out my organic milk -once the 4th comes, I’m purchasing the coconut milk that my mom purchases. It’s a little too sweet for me, but I’ll give it a try just to see if anything changes . . .I’m not sure if I can stay on part 1 of that candida diet for 3 weeks.  Seems like more of a way of life and a lifestyle change – and NOT a diet.

I’ll be back in a few weeks for an update.

Estrogen dominance and candida overgrowth

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