Too much soy protein in the United States

It’s a shame that I didn’t notice this earlier. I mean earlier as in 2013. I have been trying to rid my diet of soy protein since 2013 and now I know why I’m not losing this belly fat.  If you don’t know – estrogen dominance is prevalent  in the United States since soy is in everything. Even in makeup. Due to all of the type from the 1990s that soy beans and soy protein could have benefits to the heart and lower heart disease, now we find it in EVERYTHING. And you can’t get away from this shit.

If you are female I encourage you to read everything you can on estrogen dominance and on PCOS and belly fat. You think it can’t happen to you? Wait until you get to be about 35. Then you will see the changes in your body. It will creep up on you. I just check the chicken taquitos  in our freezer. Soy Protein.  I can’t check the chicken drumsticks since the packaging is in the trash since they were all separated into fold and frozen yesterday. Both protein mixes I have contain soy protein. The even in the freaking teriyaki sauce. It’s in the BREAD I eat. BREAD? Come on people. What the F is wrong with this picture?  It’s in the red beans and rice that I have once in a while. I guess the red bean are really soy beans. Now I need to go to the store and remember that everything I purchase – EVERY SINGLE MEAT PRODUCT I EAT including Protein mixes, I must take my magnifying glass and read each and every label for SOY. If it has any soy in it, I’M NOT BUYING IT.

Do you hear me food manufacturers?  I’m not buying your crappy products anymore if they contain SOY BEANS, SOY PROTEIN or SOY anything.

This stuff is CRAP! It doesn’t help people. It hurts people, especially women. Why does it hurt women? Soy is just like estrogen.  And women product MORE estrogen than MEN.  Why?  We are the one that have the ovaries.

I recently started using Vitex (Chasteberry) to remove the ovarian cyst (left ovary) that I had last year in 2014. Let me go back to 2004 long before the cyst on my left ovary.  I had a small one on right ovary in 2004. It was 2cm.  It grew to about 5cm by Feb 2012 when I saw a GP. I was in PAIN in 2011 so I wanted to make an appointment to find out what was wrong. I had an ultrasound sometime before Feb 2012.  The results were told me in Feb 2012.  It was now 5cm.  No wonder I was in pain. I was told from the GP that I’d need to see an OBG-YN since it was already 5cm.  I had to jump through hoops to get that appointment since I haven’t heard anything from anyone by June 2012.  By July 2012 I finally saw the OBG-YN.  It grew more. 7cm I was told.  That is when I started to read up on what I could do since I really really really didn’t want surgery!

I was told that when it is over 5cm  it needs to come out.  All  doctors” will say “it needs to come out, it’s too big”. Thing is, “doctors” do not know that you can take Vitex OR progesterone cream OR BOTH and it will shrink the ovarian cyst. Another thing they don’t know. They don’t know that apple cider vinegar (with the mother, you gatta have that mother in it for it to be beneficial) will also shrink a ovarian cyst. I did so much reading online. Doctors also don’t know that eating a diet high in soy protein could CAUSE ovarian cysts. They don’t know and they don’t CARE!  They are not trained in PREVENTIVE CARE.  They only care about how to fix things AFTER they  have gone wrong.  I guess there is no money in PREVENTIVE CARE through DIET.


And interesting thing is this. I started on a vegetarian diet in Dec 2011.  I didn’t get off of it until Dec 2012. And guess what I had for protein? SOY burgers!   As with the ACV, I started taking apple cider vinegar daily for 2 -3 months around July 2012. I wanted to fix this cyst fast. I read that it could shrink them but it takes time. A few months. I still had the surgery since  I was doubling over around August -September 2012.  My surgery was in October.  I tried it. I woke up after surgery and I was told that I didn’t have endometriosis, I didn’t have cancer. However I did have two things.  1. The cyst was wrapped around my ovary. The cyst was very small, not 7cm, yet the cyst plus my ovary had to come out since they were tangled and that is why I was in so much pain.   2. I had adhesion’s (scar tissue) on the back side of my stomach attached to my spleen.    I was told that an infection in the gut or gonorrhea  could cause that kind of stuff.  I was told I could have had an infection in my gut and no even know it!  I didn’t research that. I researched about ovarian cysts since I didn’t want another one.

I didn’t know about soy and the estrogen connection until after my surgery. I didn’t know that the ovaries product estrogen and that soy will covert to estrogen in the body. NO one told me this. Doctors didn’t tell me this. And they won’t tell you either! I stopped eating the soy burgers in Dec 2012 and started to research everything I could on estrogen and soy and ovarian cysts and how to get rid of them in Jan 2013.  I had pain on the left side of my belly (low) around May/June 2014. I had an ultra sound again of my left ovary (both trans vaginal and pelvic where you have to hold the pee in) sometime around June . I got the results in August. It was a cyst that was about 3cm or 4cm. I can’t remember. It was bigger than 2cm and that is what I was concerned about. Sooooooo, here I go.    Right after I was told about this small cyst (yet bigger than 2cm) I went out to get Progesterone Cream and Vitex at a health food store. I already was taking ACV by mixing it in with my water and honey. I wanted to do more. I took that Vitex on day 10 through day 18 of my cycle. I took the progesterone cream more sparingly since I wanted it to last me at least a year. I also didn’t know how much cream to put on.  I had another ultra sound around October/November 2014. The doctor wanted to the “Wait and see” approach” and scheduled me to have an  ultrasound every 4 months. It was shrinking. After drinking ACV for 8 months and after taking the Vitex for about 4 months on those days of my period . .. it shrank.    I believe I had my last ultrasound in Jan/Feb 2015. It was gone.

The thing is, now I know how much soy is in everything. And now I know that I need to continue to take Vitex every single month. Not ONLY when I have a cyst. I also need to start taking the ACV again. It does help aid in weight loss as well. ACV has sooo many health benefits. I liken it to tea.

If you are female I urge you to do your homework and read read read on estrogen, progesterone, PCOS, the liver, liver detox, and soy.  Read up on Milk Thistle and see if that raises or lowers estrogen. Taurine is another one for liver detox. I mention Taurine since Milk Thistle is a liver detox but the evidence is mixed.  I’ve read that it  lowers estrogen. Then in another article I read it makes it higher.  I can’t find any conclusive evidence that shows it does lower estrogen, so I’m not taking Milk Thistle.   I can’t afford to have MORE estrogen in my body.

This is our health and some crummy doctor that doesn’t know anything about herbs, or natural health or how diet can heal our body – IS not going to tell you what to stay away from.  They won’t do it. An  ND might. Big might. I’ve never seen an ND since it costs about $175 or $250 just to see an ND for 1 hour.   Too much for me at this time. It’s free to read the internet and research that way.   Progesterone should be higher in the 2nd half of the menstrual  cycle. Should be.  I’ve read that people with cysts may have a shorter luteal phase of the cycle. I’ve also read that menstrual craps and other PMS symptoms  may be due to low progesterone levels.

I just found an article that goes into detail about progesterone and women. It is much more detailed than I ever expected, but I found little gems here in there in it. One gem was “Taurine is another powerful antioxidant. Low levels have been found in women with endometrial cancer, cystic endometrial hyperplasia, fibromyoma (fibroids), and dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Consider taking 2000mg/day.”  and “Alcohol also increases testosterone levels, which can lead to hyperandrogenism. Plus excess testosterone reduces progesterone levels.”  I mention this since my mom had endometrial cancer last year.
Read more:
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Treat your PMS and PMDD with Progesterone  (I make this title. It is not the title of the article. If you can’t tell by now, I’m pretty much against trying any medications for anxiety until a person has found other natural resources that may help.  And while I did know that Progesterone helps with cysts, I had no clue that it works with the thyroid, I didn’t know it boosts metabolism and I didn’t know it was a sleep-aid.  I just found out last week that it has a calming effect on the body and is called the calming hormone. This article mentions Evening Primrose Oil, which the author admits that there is conflicting evidence.  The author suggests to take  EPO for breast tenderness and I think for headaches. I don’t get that too much. I just really really REALLY tired the day before and 1st day of my cycle. So much that I wonder what would happen if I had to work 8am to 6pm when I had bad PMS.   Would I be able to concentrate on my work?  I haven’t been taking EPO since it does not increase Omega 3s.  So I’ve added iodine back into my supplements to see if that will help with the tiredness around my period.  As for as the EPO goes, what I’ve read is that it increases Omega 6s and 9s —  and in the United States people usually get enough Omege 6s and 9s.  Ever since fall 2014, I’ve stopped taking EPO. It may work for other women, for me I choose to abstain from it. If I have extra money I get Fish Oil and I make sure the bottle says “Omega 3s” or I just purchase more fish.

I have added additional links for anyone that would like to read up on soy and how it harms life (rats too, harms human infants as well since soy protein in the infant formula). Don’t take my word for it. Read and research yourself since no one (especially, not your doctor) is going to tell you about this.

Soy Protein also found in EGGS (even organic eggs):Soy in eggs

Tips:  Tips on reading labels for soy

Scientific studies that link soy to cancer in both females and males

Dangers of Soy

So there you have it. Please educate yourself on what you eat (or the supplements you take) . It just may be killing you. (See my other post on supplements)

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