Be careful of supplements

I recently ran into a big surprise last week. I found $120 in an envelope on the cork wall thingie. I was doing something with our calendar (A real calendar hanging on a real wall, not a calendar on some smart phone).  While I was marking on our wall calendar, something fell from that cork thingie. I looked at the envelope and lo – behold – $120 in 20 dollar bills. It was left there from December 2015.  It helped us out so much. I was able to get 3 new supplements that I’ve been waiting to get for some time.

I take this regularly

Since at least 6 months ago I’ve been taking:
>>>Selenium 200 mcg 1xday  (I can get this stuff for really cheap)
>>>>Green Tea 315mg (wth Hoodia) 1x day (stopped taking it a month ago for some odd reason)
>>>>Co-Q10 100mg 1xday
>>>>Vit D3 2,000 IU 1x day

One month ago I added:

>>>>Coconut Oil (I think 1,000mg) 1 pill a day

Three weeks ago I added:
5-HTP 100mg 1x per night (it does control appetite)

last week I’ve added:
Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI 500 mg 1x day
Siberian Eleuthero 235mg plus the extract  1x day
Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg 1xday


the last three above were to speed up my metabolism

These last three are what I want to address – and I’m going to address food later in this post.

I’m not sure if one of these three things is making my blood sugar decrease to low levels or if all three of them are doing it. I started taking these three since they call claim to boost metabolism. I’ve been walking anywhere from 2.5 up to 3 miles a day. If I take my dog with me – he always slows me down. If I don’t take him – I do better/walk faster in less time – and he does worse. (He needs a daily walk and walking at 8:30am is just too hot outside). It’s either just me or both of us. I’m already starting by walk between 5:15am- 5:30am – I don’t think I need to walk by myself for 1 hr at 4:30am and then come back for him at 5:30am for his 40 min walk.  But  – perhaps IF I did just that – I’d lose the amount of FAT I desire to lose in the time I want to lose it.

I know I burn about 250 calories when I walk 2.7 mph or when I walk for an hour. If I walk less than one hour – I only burn 198 calories. Just horrible. My question is why does one pound have to equal 3,500 calories? Jesus Christ Superstar – cutting down 500 calories PER DAY (if one does NOT do any exercise) is like cutting an entire meal out. That’s why I must walk an hour a day – so I only need to cut my calories down by 250 per day.

I’ve done so many BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) calculations on me and each website is the same. My BMR based on my weight/height/gender is about 1,600 calories per day.  That is what I need if I sit and watch tv all day. If I exercise 6 days a week my BMR goes up to about 1,642 calories. That’s what I need just to survive. I’ve often wondered if this was ONLY for bodybuilders. So I decided 3 weeks ago to cut back. I’ve used the website “If It Fits Your Macros” for months and months. I’ve KNOW my TDEE calorie intake should be (according to that website) should be around 1,800 or 1,900 calories per DAY. And I was eating about 1,700 – 1,800 calories per day.  I had to try it. Cut back on calories to 1,400 – 1,600 per day.

Now since I’ve starting taking the Green Tea supplement (with Hoodia) again,  and that Siberian Eleuthero I take daily – I’ve noticed that my appetite is lower that it was a month ago.  I used to eat 1,000 calories by noon each day before taking the Eleuthero. When you wake up at 5am, it’s easy to get 1,000 calories by noon. Not so much when you wake up at 8 or 9am. By 4pm I’d be at 1,300 calories and I still wasn’t done since I wanted to make sure I had around 1,700 calories per day. Talk about more money going for food.

Now I’m only getting in around 700- 800 calories by noon. And I’m not hungry. The other day I ate something at 10am and I didn’t eat again until 4pm. I wasn’t hungry!  Most days I consume around 1,300 (low side) to 1,600 on the very high side.  I don’t want to go below 1,300 calories per day since my average a month ago was 1,800 per day and 500 calories less is 1,300.   I already burn at least 198 calories on my walk each day.

I haven’t added in any strength training – NOT YET. I did do some squats – the 90 day squat challenge – that sucker is HARD. I did the first 12 days. Then stopped. That was in May just a month ago. I’m still looking for a large 200- 250 pound tire that I can flip around. That would help me burn another 250 calories per day. (I’ve lost about 4 pounds in 3 weeks, to me that is too slow of weight loss). Hopefully I’ll lose more with one of these new supplements, but they could be milking me for all of the money I have.

So now let me get to the meat of this post.

Something I’m taking is making my joints hurt. My left hip is hurting and my left hip never hurts. My THR was in my right hip. I believe it is one of the last three that I started.

Side note:  I did notice that the Chromium I was taking was making me super super tired when I took it at 10am. I did some research and found out it is to be taken at night and help produce melatonin to help people sleep better. It is also a metal. So I stopped taking it. I only took it for 3 or 4 days. Got rid of that problem. (I was falling asleep at 10am and I’d stay asleep for 1-2 hours). I got it since it CLAIMED to help speed metabolism.

I have no clue if any of these really do speed metabolism. I’ve just read multiple articles and ALL of them claim the  same thing. I’ve also read that both ALA and Acetyl – L Cartinine could lower blood sugar AND they both could cause diarrhea . My blood sugar is already on the low/normal side. My A1C when I asked for it to be checked about 6  months ago was 4.4 or 4.6.

I’ve never been diagnosed with diabetes.  I used to eat more fried foods 10 yrs ago (2005) and in those days I had slightly high triglycerides. I think it was around 175 or 185. mg/dl.   It should be lower than 150 mg.dl.    I changed my diet right after I was told that (in 2005) and I never had high triglycerides again. My fasting blood glucose level is always around 94 – 99. I thought that 99 for a FBG was bad.  I thought it meant that I was only   ‘ ‘  that close to getting pre-diabetes. I used to be pre-diabetic. That was also around 2004/2005/2006. My FBG in 2005 was around 105 or 110.  Again, I changed my diet after that.  I used to eat a lot of crappy Cheetos, and oh so much pasta pasta pasta in those days. I also never took a 2.5 mile walk. I started walking regularly in 2011.

I decided to add in another green into my diet. I love spinach. I’ve been eating that for 2 years now. It makes me feel great. I can also have broccoli as long as it  is cooked.  (I have not tried it raw yet). I got some Kale yesterday. Wow. Wonderful kale. I had a salad last night with spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, lima beans, corn and a serving of blue cheese vinaigrette dressing  and croutons. It was yummy. And a half hour later I was asleep. Out on the couch at 7:30pm. What the F? I looked up kale and I find out it is a  cruciferous vegetable (also known as brassicas). Other cruciferous veggies are cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choi, arugula (rocket), turnips and watercress.  And there is a connection between eating these veggies RAW – and the thyroid. These little veggies have “isothyocyanates” in them that prevent the uptake of iodine in your system which results in unproductive or low thyroid. Hypothyroidism. When cooked it seems that isothyocyanates are destroyed.

I’ve been tested before for hypothyroidism and sometimes I think I’m borderline, and my doctor says “NO, you are fine”.   I just know that I got very tired after eating kale. So now I guess I will be taking Kelp daily since I do want to continue to eat my greens. Funny.  Raw spinach doesn’t make me tired.

I also remembered that I will be starting my period soon. I don’t know the exact day since my cycle is always 24 days, then 27 days, then 24 days, then 27. I’m not sure if this month is the 24 day cycle or 27 day cycle. I’d have to count from last month start day,  and I simply – don’t feel like counting right now. I just know that I’m on day 25 and I’m ALWAYS very tired for at minimum 2 days before I start. (If I could give this one symptom to all working men — I would — so they’d all understand what the hell it feels like to be a female).  Perhaps  I blamed kale for something that had more to do with my own cycle.  But I’m not stopping the kelp anytime soon.

I also remembered why I’m taking the Selenium daily. It works with the kelp/iodine. I also eat a low sodium diet since I don’t want high blood pressure. I’ve never had high blood pressure. NEVER. I also don’t want it!  I’ve never really counted how much sodium I get per day. Not much since I don’t eat a lot of prepared foods such as canned soup or cup of noddle soup. That stuff is heavily loaded with sodium.  Perhaps I’ll start to count my sodium and see if I get over 2g or 3g a day (2,000 or 3,000 mg).  I did count my sodium over a 4 day period 3 yrs ago and it was around 1,700 mg a day, which I think is a little low, but that’s just me.

For now I just decided to stop taking the Acetyl -L  Carnitine for 2 weeks just to see if it will stop the joint pain.  If that doesn’t work my next one will be to cease the ALA for two weeks.

I also looked up A1c levels. 4.6 –  less than 5.6 I don’t know what having a A1c of 4.6 will do, but I don’t really want to lower it too much than that.  I’ve added two articles that I read which helped me learn some connection between foods and iodine. It would probably be good to read if you have hypothyroidism. All this to say just watch the supplements you take. You never know how they will affect you.

Normal: 5.6% or less

Prediabetes: 5.7 to 6.4%

Diabetes: 6.5% or above

Kale Thyroid Connection

Iodine Deficiency

Update: As of late June 2015 I’ve stopped all three:

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI 500 mg 1x day
Siberian Eleuthero 235mg plus the extract  1x day
Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg 1xday

I still have joint pain in my left hip. I do remember having more joint pain when I was taking all three of those.

I also lost 6 pounds in 6 weeks since I weighted myself at the doctors office on July 8th. I also lost another pound when I weighted myself July 15th.  I’m eating anywhere from 1,200 – 1,450 calories per day. One day a week I consume about 1,650 calories and I never go past 1,699 calories ever. I’m too full since I drink at least 40-50 oz of water daily. When I was eating 1,600 – 1,800 per day based on the website “If it fits your macros”, I noticed I was eating too much. I’ve also added in much more leafy greens. It doesn’t take much kale for me to feel full.