Apria Healthcare!!!

I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea in 2011. However I had some other insurance in 2011 and I went through HOME-MEDIC at that time and they only allowed one type of mask for ALL patients with this type of insurance. Since they told me that all people are tested with a size med mask, they didn’t care if you needed a small mask during the sleep study. (A larger mask could create LEAKS during the sleep study,which could create a pressure reading that is over- high).  Well, since the pressure was too high for me to breath out – I never used any CPAP until July 2013.

Things changed in 2014 when I got IEHP. In 2014 I remember going to my doctor and talking to the nurse and informing her of what kind of mask I needed since the headgear only lasts for 4- 5 months. (Insurance usually approves one headgear once every 6 months). Since I had used CPAP since July 2013 I KNEW what kind of mask I wanted. A PR Wisp Mask – silicone frame (it lasts longer, the fabric one doesn’t hold up well and can’t be washed. It will break sooner if washed) and a size petite nasal mask.

It was around Aug/September 2014 that I told the nurse exactly what kind of frame I needed (PR silicone) and that I needed Petite size nasal pillow for the PR WISP Mask. I watched her write it down.   I have been using this since 2013 and I’m not about to change it now.

When I found out that Apria Healthcare was the DME I kinda thought they would be more professional. I mean, I heard of Apria before. It is a big name. Sure enough – I assumed wrong. They do NOT have professionals working at Apria Healthcare.

Around Oct 2014 I got a 2 sized LARGE nasal masks, 2 sized Extra Large nasal masks and one size S/M. I never asked for any of those. I asked for a PETITE size. I’m 5 foot 2 and I am the average height of a 12 year old boy. I’m a small woman (Short). I have a small nose. I have small hands.

I called to complain around October 2014 since I got the wrong size. The man on the phone TRIED to pass the buck and say “No it wasn’t us, it was PR, they make the masks”. I said “Do you think I’m stupid? I know that Apria is the DISTRIBUTOR of PR. Your company messed up and someone in the packing department didn’t care what went into the box. They just put whatever size nasal pillow in the box didn’t care.  I can’t wear these sizes – they are all too big”. I got NO WHERE with this person. He acted as if he just wanted to clock out and get off the phone.

I called again since I was getting NO WHERE with this idiot that ONLY wanted a paycheck. I was told “I”m so sorry for this mistake, we will fix it, what size do you need?” but it took me 3 or 4 phone calls and several emails to get help. Finally 3 weeks later I got the right size nasal mask.

Now I check my mail on June 27th 2015 (8 months later?????)  and it says this line of BS. 10/13/14 INSURANCE STATES NO COVERAGE. It says that in three places.  I KNOW I had insurance in October 2013. However it goes further! This “bill” leaves OUT FINE DETAILS of what the service was done on 10/13/14. It doesn’t say. Then it says under insurance Primary:  “PHYS HEALTH – OXIMETER ONLY.

NEWS FLASH EVERYONE.   I have never Use any oximeter! I do not need a oxygen tank at all.



This bill says “$362.70 and  $88.02 and  $ 210.80 for “Insurance states no coverage”  (for three different things – they don’t list “what” they are)  where it should say “Blood test” or some kind of service . I know TB tests are not covered by insurance companies. That would make complete sense to be billed $15 for a TB test.

This bill is A SCAM!  Or someone at Apria in billing really doesn’t give a freaking flip about his or her fraudulent billing practices

These people that work here do not care about the lives of people with Sleep Apnea and they don’t care about the health of anyone with any condition. They only care about making money. The last DME I went through was LIfecare Solutions and that company is much more professional than this Apria CRAP. The name of Apria should be Apria CRAP Care, since that is the type of service they provide.  If you have sleep apnea, be VERY AWARE. If I were you, I’d go to my doctor and nurse and even to the office manager and inform them that Apria has many complaints against them on Rip Off Report.  I will never do business with them again.   Ask your doctor/ nurse to NOT do any business with Apria. They are not professionals. I encourage you to go a Google search of Apria and see how many complaints of them with their billing. Some are charged 100% over what they should be charged.

Doctors took an oath to “do not harm” and if they want to uphold that oath, they need to realize that some insurance companies and some contractors such as DME’s just don’t care about the health of others.

Update: I got a itemized invoice from Apria HealthCare today (7/15/15)  in the mail. It says that ONE CPAP kit (which includes 1 CPAP headgear, 1 frame  and all sizes of the nasal pillows) and it says that I was billed a total of $362.70 for this one kit. That is price gouging. The cost of one full kit for one person is about $90 – $120 depending on if you go to CPAP Supplies or 1800-CPAP.  No where near $300.  $300 would be the cost of three separate CPAP kits and that would be for three people.

It also says that I’m billed for headgear separately  which says it is $88.  That is bogus as well since the headgear COMES WITH THE KIT! If one wanted to purchase it separately on their own, it would be about $30 – $50. Then it says the nasal cushions are $88. False. The only reason I don’t get them online is because I’m not working part-time. If I had an income of $800 a month, I’d be able to afford to purchase one full kit each and every 6 months myself. I just scanned this invoice into my computer and need to email it to my insurance company. Don’t let Apria Healthcare charge your insurance company three times the amount.