What is an Independent Fundamental Baptist anyway?

In 2011 I had just left a church that was either a part of the IFB or a part of General Baptists. The important thing to remember is that these two are the same: they are all baptists, all view the bible as the actual word of “God” and that these words came from a man’s mouth – and this man is in the sky and he rules supreme. They both view that Jesus is the only “begotten” son of “God” and that this Jesus was born when Mary was a virgin. (Some baptists will go into how Mary didn’t stay a virgin and had other children, some will make a point that Mary said to “do whatever my son says” especially if the baptist church wants to convert Catholics over.

I’m going to post a link in this and it will take you to another site that will fully explain what an IFB is an how extreme their beliefs are. This post is to educate the world what an IFB person is and to show how deep I was into this movement/group or dare I say: Cult.

In 1991 I became “born again” and that started my journey into this life:


Please be aware – I haven’t been an Independent Fundamental Baptist since 2008. I didn’t agree with everything they taught. I certainly didn’t think being gay was a sin. I stopped going to all baptist churches in the summer of 2011 Then after much self inquiry (which acutely started in 2004) in 2011, I  started to question the bible as a whole.  I became a skeptic in 2013 that the god-man Jesus really lived on earth with special powers.

I should say here that agnostic means “without knowledge” as it is related to god. The atheist does not believe that a god exists and believes the burden of proof (of a god) is on that of the theist. I am not sure a god exists (I have no knowledge of a god) and I also think some things are just not meant to be known. My main question is “Why does there have to be a higher power?” “Why can’t there be a different power we don’t understand yet that is not discovered?”

The above link will show you everything you need to know about the IFB and if you can read between the lines you will be able to see how a ex-extremist could fall right back into the same trap of extremism and apply it to another topic.

If you scroll down about 1 inch you will see the topics of breaking a “child’s will” and the part about saying to the child “I am bigger and stronger than you and I will win” (or something like that) . .that was acutely TAUGHT to me (and all of the other young women) when I was in a class taught by Mrs. Cowling at Hyles Anderson College. She told us all “This is what you say to a child that wants to do something else” (This was 1999 or 2000. I have no clue if she is still alive).   At the bottom of this link you will find a storehouse of other links/resources to go to – so you can educate yourself.