Big Pharma lies Part II

I am copying and pasting a small section of another article on “Psychology Today” into my blog entry today.

I wanted to find out more about mental disorders and if any of this is really truly  biological.

I found (so far) one great article – yet it talks about the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) – at the very end.

The purpose of the DSM is NOT to make a statement that these disorders are “biological in nature”.   The purpose is for money.  It doesn’t matter if you have ALL of the symptoms of ANY diagnosis. Who cares. The DSM board doesn’t care.  They want money and if they can convince more people that they need to be on medication for the rest of their life – they got their money.

This happened to me in August 2003 when I went to a GP for simple anxiety after a car accident 3 months earlier. Not only could I not work for 8 weeks since I had a cast on and I was on short term disability, not only was a driving to work when my car accident happened, I also had the added ‘benefit” that NO ONE would hire me for at least 9 months after my car accident since I was told I couldn’t lift anything over 5 pounds since my hand had to heal.  (I broke my left hand).  I knew my anxiety from the car accident I had – had to last me a good year. I had flashbacks of the car accident. (I didn’t black out).  But I also had a great grief that no one would hire me due to my lifting requirements. I know my anxiety while I was driving to work and driving home was due to this car accident. Then in Feb 2004 my step-dad died from a stroke and a blood infection. My life was changed forever. It also effected my mom since he was her life. What are we going to do now? By Feb 2004 no one was hiring me. My mom didn’t work since 2001 when she worked part-time when he was laid off. We were lost in a world of deep grief. And I didn’t know that I had other options.  And options comes from educating yourself on this. I didn’t know that I didn’t need mediation. Options are so very important to a person’s health. What I needed in 2003 was coping skills.  I needed to cry.

From Psychology today:

This is the quote. It is several paragraphs

“Is the proposed definition of a “mental disorder” a truer definition than the previous one? No, it is the same hoax: and in fact the creators of the DSM blithely announce that they are unconcerned about whether or not their definition of a “mental disorder” is true. They explain that “The diagnosis of a mental disorder should have clinical utility,” not that it should be true.   There you go. Since they do not mean by clinical utility that a diagnosis be either valid or reliable, they must mean that it be profitable.   In fact, tellingly enough, as a prospective client you do not [need] to meet their own proposed criteria in order to receive treatment. They explain: “Clinicians may thus encounter individuals who do not meet full criteria for a mental disorder, but who demonstrate a clear need for treatment or care. The fact that some individuals do not show all symptoms indicative of a diagnosis in these individuals should not be used to justify limiting their access to appropriate care.

There can be no real change in this procedure until politicians intervene; and they will not intervene because of the power of Big Pharma. Perhaps when some senator notices that her six-year-old son, who is on an antidepressant, an anticonvulsant, and an anti-psychotic, has suffered a psychotic break that will cost him his whole adult life, she will be moved to say, “I don’t care how much Big Pharma is paying me, I’m sick of this lie.” Perhaps then some questions will get asked by people with the clout to demand real answers. Until then the hoax will continue. ”

Another quote: “Calling the sadness you feel because your parents are fighting or calling your entirely understandable boredom at school a “mental disorder” is not just naming. The causes of your “disorder” are being ascribed without anyone saying anything overt. The DSM tells a secret, silent, never-explained story as it gets from “a restless child who gets up six times at school but never gets up when he visits his grandmother who lets him play video games” to “attention deficit disorder.” How did it get there? Just by using language in a way that too many people find plausible and seductive.”

And another great link to read up on big pharma:

Another link that asks “So show me your blood tests that prove to me you have a chemical imbalance”.  I really like this lnk. (I’m NOT a Scientologist. I’m a humanist).

What do you think?  Will you believe in the “biology” of mental illness without – evidence?