I love football

On 2013 I had my total hip replacement surgery. I remember having a small amount of anxiety in the weeks up to my surgery and by the hour or two before surgery my axiety had built up so high the nurse told me to calm down so my blood pressure wouldn’t read so high. If it did, I wouldn’t get the surgery. My check in time was (I think) 5:30 or 6am.  I got into the pre op area by 7am.  Sometime around 8:30am the put the IV in me and I told them straight out “Do not use a size 18 catheter” and I was told from several nurses “Why so big?”  I said, “I don’t know, but last year in 2012 when I had my ovarian cyst removed, the nurse put a size 18 in the back of my hand and I cried bloody murder” and the nurse said, “Yeah I would too”.  They used something smaller than an 18. May be a size 22 or 24. Probably 22.  They also made sure to put it in my left arm right near my inside elbow so it wouldn’t hurt so bad.  I also asked the surgeon or the doctor that put me to sleep to use a “chaser” since the medication to put you to sleep BURNS like a mother fucker. I remember when I had my ovarian cyst removed in 2012 that I said “Oh it burns it burns it burns” and then I was out. So I was very verbal and upfront with everything in 2013 and I said “Please use some chaser before you put that go nite nite drug goes through the IV so I don’t feel any pain – Please.  And guess what?   Since I asked for it nicely and I was verbal and upfront – I got what I asked for! Had I known about it, I would have asked for it in 2012.

When I got home on Aug 18th – I didn’t go upstairs for 3 weeks. My bathroom is upstairs and so is my bedroom. I had to rely on my mother for most everything. I hated those first 2 weeks of my recovery. By the first week in September I was almost ready to get off of the Norco I was on.

Now, I’m not a recovering alcoholic so taking a Norco once every 5.5 hours is nothing for me. It doesn’t affect me like a drug addict would. Taking Norco around the clock for 20 days was not “bad” for me. Sure it kinda made me “high” but it wasn’t like “OH MY GOD, I can’t take this shit since it is not good for me, this is a trigger”. I have heard of others ACT like that toward Norco.

For me when I’m in that much pain, no amount  of Ibuprofen will do shit for me. I need the Norco. I tried to stop Norco on day 17 post op. I wanted to see if I was ready.  I wasn’t. I noticed the pain come right back after I didn’t take a Norco for about 6 hours. I remember telling my mom that I was going to “try taking one Norco a day and take two Ibuprofen the rest of the day”.  Nope. Day 17 was like day 6.  I stayed on it until day 20 post op.  And of course what do you think I did when I was on it?  For most of the day I was in a stupor.  It didn’t remind me of being drunk since I really never had that problem.

But my surgery was during the pre-season of football.  2013 was the year I fell in love with the game and I also learned some of the game.  When does the regular season of football begin? September 4th for the 95th regular season.  Let me tell you, I LOVE FOOTBALL

By the time I got off of the Norco around September 7th, I was watching football each and every Sunday and all day long. I wasn’t a football fan before my total hip replacement. I used to say (in 2005) “What’s the deal with big men running around in tights with a god damned ball?”  I learned the game. I learned the hand singles for holding, touchdown and false start. I learned some game lingo as well. I learned the difference between a sack and a tackle. I learned a sack is a different kind of a tackle – when you get the QB before they throw the ball to a WR. I learned a few other things – such as the importance of your team getting a 1st down and keep on getting that 1st down. If your team doesn’t keep on getting that 1st down the ball goes to the other team and if your team is not good on defense – the other team can get the ball and score. I learned the term “touchback.  I have a LOT to learn. I know about the “I” formation – but I only know that in name since I was told about that way back in 2000 from a boyfriend back then.

However, since October 2013, I started to develop my favorite teams. I decided that the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be my number 1 team in the AFC. My number 2 team in the AFC is the Denver Broncos. I have a very sensitive reason for picking the Steelers for my #1 team. My best friend Michelle Kinley died of an asthma attack when she was the tender age of 17. .that was 1993 that she died. She didn’t even get to START her senior year of high school and I had just graduated from my senior year in high school. She was on life support for a few days and kept on it until her grandparents could get to Southern California from Pittsburgh. My best friend was from Pittsburgh so I keep her memory alive with the Steelers.  I’ll never forget my best friend. She would be 37 now if she hadn’t passed when she was 17.

My pick for the Denver Broncos was more arbitrary since they kept on winning games and once I found out they were good – I said, “Okay who is the QB for this team?”  That is when I learned that my other best friend had a favorite team- and the QB for that team is the brother to Peyton Manning . . .Eli Manning.  That is when I learned about the Manning brothers and how there dad was also in football.  Then I started to google “NFL” and guess what came up? NFL standings came up and I learned about the AFC and the NFC and the teams on each conference. I learned how Steelers fans HATED the Cincinnati Bengals since both are in the AFC North.  I learned about coaches too. I have my favorite coaches as well.

I started to watch A Football Life on the NFL Network. I learned about Vince Lombardi – the head coach for the GreenBay Packers  in the 1960s. I learned how in each game a coach would call a challenge after a call from a referee was placed on the field.  I quickly FELL IN LOVE WITH THE GAME.  I love love love love LOVE football now. I can’t believe the Superbowl is tomorrow. I can’t believe my Broncos are going to the Superbowl. I can’t believe that kicker from the Steelers MISSED that kick in the game several weeks back. Oh my GOD. . . .I can’t remember who they played (may be San Diego Chargers?) but I remember the kick was missed and that could have been a 3 point (or 1 point) field goal. I was so disappointed in that kick as were ALL Steelers fans that day.

But the number one thing that I learned was about the challenge. Coaches don’t keep their mouth shut when they don’t agree with the call from the referee. Coaches speak up. Some do it unprofessionally, but all coaches speak up when they don’t agree. I learned about life that day when I got it. Football has taught me about life and how to speak up for  myself.  Now when I go to my doctor, I’m going to challenge what they say and if I don’t agree with them, I’m going to call them on it. I’d say this goes for just about anyone I talk to.  This means for me to be much more assertive with myself. Not aggressive, but assertive.

No more nodding my head in agreement if I don’t really agree. At least now I have a good example of what to do when I don’t agree with a play on the field. Challenge it.