4.5 month post op


I’m able to reach the inside of my right ankle – something that was very hard to do before my surgery since I had all of those valleys and hills in my hip joint. Bone on bone doesn’t provide much open access and provides very little functionality. I’m running the down stairs now.  Able to touch the bottom of my right foot – just barely.  I can reach the outside of my ankle. That is new.  98% of what I can do now, I was able to do before – but I now do without all of the pain. My hip muscles are still tight as hell.



2 thoughts on “4.5 month post op

    • Well, there is two different “inwards” if you will. One is where I pull my right knee to the left of mid line. I can do that now that I passed the 12 weeks mark. the other is where I pull my knee into my chest and that is the one that I need to work on. Dec 5th was my last PT day and I was able to get up to 110 degrees with the hip flexion .pulling knee into chest. The maximum anyone can do is 125 degrees. No one can do more – unless superhuman or one of those body contortionists. It does not hurt to do this. It would have been very painful if I tired this before my surgery

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