The complete story of my hip

Disclaimer Note: I no longer support IFB churches, I no longer agree with them and I think many churches and/or organized religions are around to control people. I know Hyles Anderson College is not accredited and I don’t consider it a real college now. I went to HAC from 1997 -2001 since I was a Christian at the time. Since I started at an IFBC at age 16 (1992), I was brainwashed into thinking that only IFB churches were “real” churches. After hours and hours of questioning what I truly believed (or didn’t believe) I became an atheist in Feb 2013.  I will be adding this this disclaimer to each post I have written so people know where I stand now.

This story does not go into my total hip replacement on Aug 12 2013. That is another post under ‘hip”

1989: How I dislocated my right hip at age 13:

I have a really bad right hip. In 1989 I dislocated it. Talk about painful, that is an understatement. I was 13 and I had a few dollars on me. I’m not sure how many people remember “RIF books” in the 80s to get kids to read, but there was something very similar to that in 1988 at my school. I remember I had one of them book magazines similar to that DVD club now (where you get 12 DVD‘s for 1 cent each and then have to purchase 6 at regular price after that).  Well, that is what I had. A magazine like that from Perris Middle School.   I was in 8th grade and I was beginning to ENJOY reading.  I must have had at least 5 or 6 books checked off to purchase

Well, I decided one weekend to cross off a few from the list. I wanted ice cream from the ice cream truck that day. So, I walked down the street (75 feet away) and I walk on the grass. The grass was wet. I fell down.  Everyone was laughing at me saying “Sandra, you are so funny, get up”.  I tried.  Now if you are over 35 you are going to remember the commercial “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. It was out all the time playing on the tv.  Guess what I said?  I tired to get up and put weight on my right leg. Down I went. I said, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. The other kids around me knew me and thought I was joking. No. I was in pain.  I tried again.  Fell again.  Third times a charm? Nope, I put any weight on my right leg and down I went.  My best friend Michelle (that died in 1993 bless her soul) was there. She ran to my house and told my dad I needed help. He picked me up (all some 150 or 160 pounds of me at only 4 foot 9 or so).

On to the ER:

Into the minivan we all went. X-ray came back. Doc said “No wonder you are in pain, you dislocated your right hip, we will need to do surgery on you”.  I was transported to Loma Linda medical center   – they don’t eat meat there. 7th day Adventist over there. I wasn’t any religion.  I remember my first “meal” when I arrived. A chocolate eclair, it was so good.  I was put into traction immediately! Dang did that hurt! It itched too like a cast. You have to have your leg up and they wanted to get my hip back into the right position before surgery. My foot/toes where sticking out – so if I was able to walk  -I would walk like a DUCK!   I was in traction for a week.

They also kept pushing back my surgery date. Tomorrow is your surgery date, they’d say. Next day someone would come in with a heart attack or something big like that. I was told I didn’t need surgery that “day” and my condition was not life threatening. So, I waited the next day.  Today is the day? No. Sorry, another heart patient.  It went like this for four days.

I woke up after surgery on my left side. I wanted my underwear on. My butt was so COLD. And I was on my period. Why wouldn’t they put them on after they were done with me ?? I woke up and first thing I said as a 13 year old was ‘My butts cold, where is my underwear, can I have them please?” I had to get 2 pins in  my hip. yeah. more like screws.  I was told that I’d get bad arthritis in my hip by age 18. They removed the pins at another hospital a year later.  That surgery was okay as well – I mean, I woke up with underwear on!   I was not scared of my surgery at that time. I was too young and MDs talked to my parents about the risks since I a minor. Good, I didn’t need to know the risks. I was a kid.

Recovery from 1s surgery in 1989:

I was on crutches for three long months. I was called “crutch” “hop a long” and “limp” for the rest of my 8th grade year. This happened in Feb 1989 I had to get to JUNE!

I used to be able to reach my right foot at one time. I was at Hyles Anderson College from 1997-2001 and I had to wear nylons everyday at this bible college. I don’t have an issues with wearing nylons daily. I loved them in fact. I have a problem with forcing others to wear them if they don’t want to.  I was able to put my own nylons on each and everyday from 1997- 2001. I had okay flexibility in my hip. I was 22 – 26 during those years. (I missed my 20s, I missed all of the things that normal 20 year old go through in America due to being in the baptist cave).

Coming home to Southern Cali in 2001:

Fine. I still wear nylons at home!  But very slowly throughout the years I start to loose my flexibility in my right hip. By 2005 I notice that I always get this “flare up” in my right calf. It comes and go like the wind it is weird. It could be fine for 8 months and all of a sudden I have this pain in my calf that lasts for 5 months. Then it will just go away on it’s own.  Now, I was run over by a car at Hyles Anderson College. Let  me explain before you get a picture in your mind. I was sitting in the back seat of the 4 door car. Upon needing/getting read to get IN the car, you know how you put your left foot in FIRST if you are going to sit on the right side of the car, right? So I stick my LEFT LEG into the car and everyone else had already closed their door. Not me. I was still getting IN the car.  What do you think happened? That’s right. The DRIVER of the car started to pull away with my RIGHT LEG out. Where do you think my leg was? Right near that back right rear tire. This was 2000. I screamed “HEY HEY HEY, MY LEG MY LEG, STOP!”   I then said (once I got in the car)  “Shit lady, don’t you know when you drive people you need to count how many door are closed? You can hear the doors close right? You drive a 4 door don’t you, did you hear 4 doors close or only three? Shit, you just ran over my freaking leg and this leg is my BAD LEG” She said “I’m sorry”.  Sorry? Shit, I could have sued her ass.  I also should have went to the MD for that back then.  All I did was complain to other staff about her driving. She kept on saying “I’m sorry, I said I was sorry”.  Well sorry does not cut it when you are driving. Driving is a privilege – not a RIGHT!  You need to be very aware behind the wheel of a car. Others lives are at stake!


I no longer can reach my foot by 2006. I don’t think I was able to reach my right foot back in 2004 either. I was only 31 then. I was 145/ 150 pounds when I was in the baptist cave from 1997 to 2001.  I ate more healthy there. I had to due to the food there. I ate salads like crazy back then. I also didn’t eat their breakfast everyday since most days it was purely disgusting. Mind you this was not a REAL college, so, no, you couldn’t just go and purchase some food you like. If you were a rich kid that had rich parents – you could go to “Liberty Square” and order some nice home fries or pancakes or whatever you wanted. But it was not free.  (Dining Hall was not free either. It  was tacked onto your room and board, no matter if you ate at the dinning hall or not! I hope you enjoyed the small rabbit trail.

In 2004 my step dad died. He was 58. I gained 20 pounds after he died. I missed my daddy so badly I just started to eat and eat. He married my mom when I was 11, they meet when I was 10. I went from 155 pounds to 170 pounds within 3 months of his death.  By March 2010 I was up to a whopping 214 pounds!  I started to walk, walk, walk on the treadmill at home.  I started to walk outside too. . .I was up to a good 45 min walk in 2011.  I also went down to 198 pounds by early 2011.  Then I went down to 188 pounds by March 2012.  OMG I can’t believe that. So I CAN loose the weight just by walking. . .nice. It think it was the Bigalow tea . . the green tea with chai tea and I added honey to it. That made me feel great and seeing the scale say “188” was wonderful.

Why I stopped walking:

I stopped walking in Sep 2011 after 6 months of daily walking to see the sunrise due to fear of a man following me when I walked. How often did this happen? I over generalized. It was one day.  I stopped walking due to one day a man followed me. He went to some apartments but it sure seemed like he was following me since he could have gone the short way around to get to where he was going.  Instead of going right to the apartments, he followed me around the back side near the baseball park.  I jogged away once I turned the corner and he couldn’t see me. Then I was probably a good 50 yards away from him. Another corner came up and I hid in a housing complex. He didn’t look for me. I just went into the apartment complex.  I felt like I had to get away from him.  Why’d he go the way I was going? (He started walking right next to where live. He was in front of me and he slowed down be behind me).

I just completed 6 sessions of physical therapy so I can have a total hip replacement later this year.  I get on the exercise bike and the PT says it is better on my hip and knee joints to be on the bike compared to walking.  Walking is very hard for my joints.  I was also told my hip looks like an 88 year olds hip!  Ouch. I can’t bend over and tie my shoe lace on my right leg. My hip will not go, it is bone on bone.

My PT says that I will not get the flexibility back in my right hip since it is bone on bone. My PT says the only way to correct that is through surgery. Not fun.   

So, exercise is going to be an important part of my life after my total hip replacement. I found out Christmas 2012 that I used to have Tibial Torsion as a baby. That is when your feet stick inward (in my case they stick outward like as duck!)  So, when I was a baby (3 months old?) my grandmother said “Something is not right with her feet, they are sticking out way too much”.  My parents took me to a doc and found out I had that.  I was put in a foot brace for about 3 months when I went night night.   My dad told me this just last Christmas when he came out to see me.  My dad had Tibial Torsion and HIS DAD had it too.   I’m wondering if this TT can cause my gait to be different and cause calf pain? I showed my PT my old shoes and how they wear out (on the right shoe) on the outside heel – is that over-pronate, or under-pro-nate?  On my left shoe, the exact opposite – the wear and tear is on the inside back heel.  So, if you can picture that my entire body is shifted to one side when I walk and all of the wear and tear on my shoes happen on the right side of them. I was told that my calf could be hurting so much since my calf had to “make up” for what my hips don’t do when I’m walking. My MD said that same thing.

I was told that my arthritis is “so bad” that cutting out all of the hip arthritis  would not do anything.  I must have a hip replacement. Now wonder I’m in so much pain! My left hip is fine, no pain at all EVER. I also do not have pain in my left knee. I wish my right hip and knee was like that.