Afraid of blood

So, today is the big day.  I’m to give blood today.  I did sign up for Feb 26th at noon. I was scared for nothing that day since no one showed up.  The American Red Cross Website said they’d have a bus here in Feb, but no one showed up. I had a hell of a time trying to contact ANYONE that was responsible for this lack of communication. I mean, it was obvious that enough people didn’t show up. But if you have two people that sign up to give blood – and if that is not enough people for a drive, THEN CALL THEM to let them know in advance that no one is going to show up.  I went to the library for no reason.

Today, I’m scared again. I watched all of the Youtube videos to see what it is like to give blood. I shouldn’t have done that before driving! I got very weak and lightheaded.

I have been told that the prick in the elbow area is not as bad as one in the back of the hand. This is also my first time giving blood.  I’m 37. I’m also not a big water drinker. At least not right now I’m not.  I know my body is made of what?? 75% water, so water likes more water, my cells need water to live. So, today, I’m drinking 30oz of water.

I made sure today the American Red Cross will show up. I have other plans. Job Coach in Temecula, then I got to a medical center in Murrieta to give blood.

I remember one time when I was about 19, I went to the doctor and they took blood. I watch ’em. I didn’t feel the slightest lightheaded at all. I was curious. After watching,  I smiled at the lady and said “that didn’t hurt at all”, got up, walked to the counter to pay my co-pay. My mom was right there with me. I didn’t feel lightheaded at all – not until 1 second before I passed out. I didn’t even know what happened when I came to. Of course nurses were there and I asked what happened. I fell straight back, my head hit the wall – so I was told.    Perhaps I fainted that day since I was young and may be I didn’t eat before going? I’m not sure.  I’m NOT going be to watching anyone poke my arm to take 417cc’s of blood out of me.

My bp was too high. I wasn’t told that your bp MUST BE under 180/100. The diastolic number (lower number) is really low. Well, I’m no MD either. My bp was 135/107. And I WAS crying at the medical center  . . .while waiting since I had made an APPT at 3:45pm and they had other WALK INS that came  in before me and I had to WAIT until freaking 4:15pm. Oh did I mention that I got there at 3:25pm?????  In all of that time, it made my bp go up up up.  Why should I have to wait for 30 mins to give blood if I made an appt AND I got there early?

So I made an appointment April 11th for a blood drive in the town I live in. I made sure they will be here. This day was a mistake to give blood. My blood pressure was about 130/80 or so. They asked me if I was feeling alright. I was fine. They said my “fever” was 90.1 or 90.2 I didn’t feel anything. They said my bp was slightly elevated. I was fine. I laid down and all was fine. I kept on asking “how am I doing, it is almost full?” The nurse kept on saying “you are fine” and toward the end – she said “Oh you are almost done!” Then it happened.  I started to feel very HOT and faint. I was laying down. Then – BLLLLLLLA. I threw up. The nurses had a trash can already there by my head since I said “I’m going to puke” seconds before it came up. They could tell I was burning up since I was hot to the touch. I think I also fainted while I was laying down. I must  have thrown up 4 or 5 times. My mom was not there. I just had to get through this. 30 minutes after they took the needle out and after 20 minutes of laying quietly, I had to pee. Then I had to do #2. I was told to wait but I couldn’t. I had to get help walking to the bathroom. I was escorted to the bathroom and after I was done, I didn’t feel like I had the energy to stand up. I was sweating so much. I got the nerve to get up and I laid down on the bathroom floor underneath a little table /counter area.  I was given a blanket to lay on. Someone called my mom right after I was throwing up. I asked them to call since I knew I wouldn’t be able to drive home. By the time I laid down my mom walked in and she said I looked white as a ghost. After 20 minutes laying on the bathroom floor of a public library, I got up and walk able to walk with help to the cot areas. I ate some crackers, cookies and some spirit. I didn’t throw up anymore. They did take my bp about 1 hour after this entire ordeal. All in all I stayed 2 hours after giving blood. I don’t know what happened to the blood. I guess they finished that part. I just know that when that sucker was almost full, I lost it psychically. I told myself to never give blood again and if I feel I need to help others, I can take a class in First Aid.  That was April 11 2013.  I wasn’t afraid of blood. I need my blood in my body. All of it.



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  1. I was recommended this website by my cousin.

    I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty.
    You’re wonderful! Thanks!

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