About my blog

I’m Sandra.  I live in Southern California in the IE. I was born in Long Beach, and moved to Fontana when I was 3 with my parents. After the divorce, mom and I moved to Riverside.  This blog started March 2013.  As I write more I will begin to have better story telling skills.  Some of these writings are about the time I spend in a very right winged church group called Independent Fundamental Baptists. I also wrote about my own spiritual journey from baptist, to general christian, to I don’t know to atheist to New Age and back again to agnostic.

Some of the things you will read about:

1. Social control.  Many of these blogs talk about two thing: social control and behavior that is accepted in certain cultures . I am highly interested in the social construction of behavior and gender roles.

2. Religion and related issues.   This section shows psychological damage/indoctrination I had from going to an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church from when I was 16 to age 30.  I share different stories of my experience from 1991 – 2011 when I left Christianity completely.  I also have stories of 4 years at Hyles Anderson College  between 1997 – May 2001.

3. Hip. This blog section shows stories of when I I first dislocated my hip at age 13. It shows how I was bullied in 8th grade. These stories about my hip continue on to today since I had a total hip replacement in Aug 2013.

I earned a bachelor degree from University of Redlands. I have an MBA in Human Resources in 2011. My passion for HR started in 1997 when I was at at Thermal Dynamics where I learned about CA OSHA and Material Safety Data Sheets.

Warning: my posts do not follow APA report (essay) standards. I may use a passive voice in them. I also may use gender bias when I write since this is not a research paper!

I also can not help you with any issues related to printing out any forms, links or anything on my blog.

2 thoughts on “About my blog

  1. Thanks for posting this information. I have not had any personal experience with IFB churches, though I’ve heard of other cult churches. Left Christianity some time ago though I wasn’t abused by them, I just don’t get the living for life after death part. Would rather try to be happy and healthy while alive and live in harmony with fellow humans because it is the most logical path. Strife and conflict leads to either an early grave or a lifetime of misery, am trying to maximize my duration on Earth in the physical realm. Best wishes on sharing your truths with others. Stay well!

    • According to the book of Revelations Christians will get crowns for doing good in this life – but they have to wait for those crowns until after they die. So according to many CHristians if you ask them – they may be honest with you. May be not. But some Christians do good deeds for the sole purpose of getting crowns in heaven from God. The purpose of these crowns according to the Book of Revelation is the lay them at Jesus’ feet. Again, not in this life time. It is after you are dead. So that is why you probably did’t understand it all. Many Christians view the next time – not this one you are living now – as more important. my one question is about their motivation of why they do “good” to others. If there ONLY motivation is to get crowns in heaven for helping others – what does that say about the person? Can’t they help others with no promise of getting any crowns?

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