About my blog

I’m Sandra.  I live in Southern California. I’m a single woman pushing 40. I’m bisexual. And I’m not really out of the closet. I only share that with others that I believe will not judge me.   I am an only child.

This blog is a work in progress since I started it in March 2013 and sometimes I wrote blogs that are 5,000 words. I personally think that is way too long to read online.  My blog used to cover much more topics in mental health, but my life since late 2014 has taken a different direction and my passion has drifted away from mental health.

However, I have written about my hip, my health, my upbringing,  the church I used to belong to as a teenager, my own spiritual journey from going to a baptist, to an atheist and then to a New Ager. I like Buddhism, but I have not taken any vows.

1. Mental Health. I was diagnosed with major depression as a teenager in 1991; Then I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in 2003. I have read up so much on these that I now know that I do not meet the criteria for either of them. I have learned a few coping skills and I’ve also learned how to pick my battles and how to apply a little CBT to my life. It is all in how I look at things.

2. Social control.   I must point out here that many of these blogs talk about two thing: social control and stigma. I am highly interested in the social construction of behavior and gender roles.

3. Religion and the like.  This blog section shows all of the psychological damage and indoctrination I had from joining an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church at the age of 16.  I go into different stories of my experience between 1991 up to 2011 when I left Christianity.  Stories of my 4 years at Hyles Anderson College from 1997 to 2001 (and why I wanted to go there in the first place) are lined throughout these posts. This topic also shows how I decided to identify as an atheist in early 2013. It shows my endless questions in the spiritual part of my life and at times, these posts can get highly philosophical and goes into new-age belief.

3. Hip. This blog section shows stories starting in the spring of 1989 when I first dislocated my right hip at age 13. It shows how I was bullied in 8th grade since I needed to be on crutches for 3 months.  These stories about my hip continue on to my total hip replacement in Aug 2013, my recovery from the surgery and how I’m doing now.

Self love is found throughout the posts since self love, heart based living and meditation was introduced to me in 2011. This blog is a part of healing for me.

I earned an MBA in 2011, and I have an undergrad from University of Redlands School of Business. But I do not want to be known as a walking MBA. I want to be known as a lady with compassion.  I desire to go back to school to earn my MSW, but I have things that I need to do in my life before I can apply to any school with an MSW program. In 2002 I wanted to help people and now I’m returning to that dream.

If someone finds insight into themselves by reading this blog, great.

Warning: my posts do not follow APA report (essay) standards. I may use a passive voice in them. I also may use gender bias when I write since this is not a research paper! Many typos could also be found. I edit them once before I publish them and then I edit them again after they are published. None of these posts follow APA standards and I hope my readers would not expect them to be APA approved.    

2 thoughts on “About my blog

  1. Thanks for posting this information. I have not had any personal experience with IFB churches, though I’ve heard of other cult churches. Left Christianity some time ago though I wasn’t abused by them, I just don’t get the living for life after death part. Would rather try to be happy and healthy while alive and live in harmony with fellow humans because it is the most logical path. Strife and conflict leads to either an early grave or a lifetime of misery, am trying to maximize my duration on Earth in the physical realm. Best wishes on sharing your truths with others. Stay well!

    • According to the book of Revelations Christians will get crowns for doing good in this life – but they have to wait for those crowns until after they die. So according to many CHristians if you ask them – they may be honest with you. May be not. But some Christians do good deeds for the sole purpose of getting crowns in heaven from God. The purpose of these crowns according to the Book of Revelation is the lay them at Jesus’ feet. Again, not in this life time. It is after you are dead. So that is why you probably did’t understand it all. Many Christians view the next time – not this one you are living now – as more important. my one question is about their motivation of why they do “good” to others. If there ONLY motivation is to get crowns in heaven for helping others – what does that say about the person? Can’t they help others with no promise of getting any crowns?

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